Success with Vision Therapy

Audrey – Age 51

I am very pleased with the results of the vision therapy I had.  There is a definite decrease in the headaches I have had and I find that my eyes are less sensitive and not straining as much with focusing.  My eyes seem to adjust better and quicker to different situations.

Quentin – Age 8

At the beginning, Quentin struggled with his reading and was only reading at a grade 1 level.  He has improved so much that he is now at a grade 3 level.  He also does not mind reading, whereas before, he hated to read.  The improvement has been amazing in his reading.  He has improved all around but the reading is the most improved.  Thank you.

Chris – Age 24

Be patient with the process, be consistent, change will not happen overnight but when it does occur the results will be astonishing. Staff was great, I am extremely happy with everything.  I only wish I could have done this sooner.

Jim – Age 39

Dawn was excellent to work with.  A lot of work, but worth putting effort in and giving it a chance to work.  Great learning experience.

Aiden – Age 9

We noticed a positive change in Aidan’s ability to clear text that he reads. The words no longer split apart or “move around” as he described it.  Thanks for your  patience in working with Aidan. We are so happy for him.

Michael – Age 35

Helped my issues with motion sickness while riding the bus.  Can now ride the bus without fear of getting sick.

Wendy – Age 9

I’ve found that vision therapy has made a big change in my daughter.  She is more organized and calm.  Her teacher has commented on how far she has come since she has been taking therapy.

Ava – Age 7

I’ve notice huge improvement with Ava’s reading even though she is still reading below her grade level.  She has worked very hard this past winter and I am very impressed with the progress made.  Also, she likes to show us how she can cross her eyes now.

Layne – Age 7

Layne’s left eye was turning out which brought us to GRAND. We found out after our first appointment that he also could not see in 3D and had little peripheral vision. We started our weekly vision therapy appointments with Victoria and noticed an improvement almost immediately with Layne’s reading. It was completely worth the hard work! Victoria is very patient and encouraging to work with and tries to make each visit fun and interesting. Layne’s eye turn is now completely gone and he is now able to see in 3D!

Kaden – Age 16

I have been taking my son to our family eye doctor for years. Every year I was told that he had a weak left eye and that he could wear glasses, but didn’t need to, as not wearing them wouldn’t make it worse. Last August he saw a different eye doctor. We were told the horrible news that his left eye was bad and that it should have been corrected years ago. We were also told that it was too late now and that there was no hope! I shed many tears! I decided to do some research on my own and that is when I learned of GRAND. I called and cried out my story of no hope to Lindsay. She was so kind and assured me that they could help. And now, a BIG thanks to Dawn for all your hard work! His Grade Level Efficiency in reading has gone from a grade 4 level to grade 11! You are awesome!

Misty – Age 10

I have been taking my daughter to our family eye doctor for years and I was told that she had a weak left eye. Last August she saw a different eye doctor, as our doctor was on holidays. We were told that her left eye was not good and that it should have been corrected years ago. We were also told that it was probably too late now, but we could try patching and see if it might help. I decided to do some research on my own and that is when I learned of GRAND. Everyone there was so kind! A BIG thank you to Victoria for all your efforts! Misty no longer has a lazy eye! You are amazing!

Olivia – Age 11

Before vision therapy, I was having problems with headaches, blurry vision and trouble with reading. I also had one weaker eye. After vision therapy, my weaker eye has become closer in strength with my other eye and all of my other problems are gone. I am happy with my results and Victoria helped me a lot! Thank you!